Emvigo case study

This Indian software company set up in London with help from London & Partners.

Client profile

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Emvigo (formerly Artin Dynamics) sought to sell its revolutionary energy-saving computer software to companies and consumers across Europe. London & Partners and UK Trade & Investment helped it set up in London and the business is now on track to secure contracts worth millions of pounds.

Contact London & Partners. We have an amazing product but getting it out there is difficult. It’s all about networking and they have helped us tremendously.

Peter Lampe, Managing Director, Emvigo UK Ltd

About Emvigo

Founded in India in 2007, Emvigo develops ‘green’ technology using artificial intelligence. Its solutions cut energy use and carbon emissions and improve user satisfaction for companies and home users. The company has offices in India, the Middle East, Australia, South Africa and now London.

Business aim

Emvigo knew that London was the perfect place to launch its groundbreaking software. But it needed a partner to help it find an office and introduce it to some of the world’s leading companies.

London & Partners services

  • Securing office space: on Greenwich Peninsula, an exciting new £5 billion business and residential district in east London
  • Introductions: to prospects through senior networking meetings and events
  • Media and publicity: assistance with media launches and promotional materials

Business success in London

The company has achieved huge success across countries, with installations in major corporates including Intel, Pfizer, Fidelity, Piramel Healthcare and Tata. The Acromas Group, Kimberly Clark, Deloitte, Butlins, NHS, Barclays Bank, the FSB and major London councils have shown great interest in the product. SPARA Home Edition is to be imminently launched through the major computer distribution partners, and will available in the retail sector and online.

In their own words

What advice would you give a company trying to expand to London?
“Contact London & Partners. We have an amazing product but getting it out there is difficult. It’s all about networking and they have helped us tremendously.”

How has London & Partners helped you?
“They’ve linked us to hundreds of companies, helped us find our office in London and are assisting with press launches. And we’ve attended several of their enterprise networking events.”

SPARA is you key product. What does it do?
“It is the worlds first Artificial Intelligence-based PC Power Management Software, that reduces the power consumption of PC's in the range of 35% - 45%. It can hugely reduce energy use and costs, giving computers a longer life and laptops a longer battery back-up. We are selling it to companies and home users.”

How does it work?
“It is the point at which Artificial Intelligence converges with Green Technology. The patented SPARA Algorithm, which is the result of research spanning over 3 years, understands the usage pattern of every single user. Power saving programs run in the background without interfering with business, and is optimised according to the user. The user does not feel any difference and the threat to network security is zero.”

What are the benefits of using SPARA?
“If 70% of UK office computers had SPARA, we could close down five power stations. On average, it costs a company £72 a year to run just one computer. With SPARA, these costs can be reduced up to 47%. On average, costs reductions are about 35%. The return on investment is very quick. And it’s not just about saving money: it’s about carbon credits, corporate social responsibility and energy efficiency accreditation.”

London & Partners helps companies set up and succeed quickly. What do you think of them?
“They were the perfect medium for us. They have been pivotal in helping us find the right location very quickly. They’re very good and very cooperative. It’s an outstanding operation here. They’re dedicated to helping companies like us.”

You have set up your UK HQ on Greenwich Peninsula, one of London’s most exciting new districts. Why here?
“Because it offered us a ‘green’ office with good light close to the new Emirates Air Line cable car and the Jubilee underground line. There’s room to expand quickly: we can grow to 300 staff overnight.”

You rejected other cities in favour of London. Why?
“We looked at Glasgow and Reading but found that the focus on big business was here in London. It’s the location of banks and major companies. There are first-class transport connections and a great market reach.”

London’s green sector is growing fast, offering huge opportunities. Do you agree?
“Yes. Many companies take corporate social responsibility seriously. We recognised that London was very orientated towards saving energy and resources. The business world has been welcoming this with open arms.”

A London HQ is a great springboard for European and global expansion. What are your plans?
“We plan to grow throughout Europe, opening in Germany next. We also aim to broaden our offering with energy-saving products for air conditioning systems, printers and mobile chargers.”

Peter Lampe, Managing Director, Emvigo UK Ltd

Published: 2012