Litmus accelerates in London

Maths learning app Litmus launched in London in 2015 to access the city’s active investment community and expand to international markets.

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About Litmus

Litmus, an artificially intelligent maths tutoring app for students aged 12-16, launched on the AppStore and Google Play in October 2015.

The firm behind the app expanded to London to secure funding, speed expansion and evolve and promote its product. Litmus’ user base is now growing fast thanks to support from London’s extensive edtech community and organisations such as pre-seed accelerator Dotforge.

Edtech mentors and funding abound in London

Founded in Dublin, the company looked to London for an injection of investment and guidance.

“We were having some minor success back home but the mentoring around edtech products was lacking,” explains Litmus founder Patrick Devine.

“In London there are a vast amount of edtech accelerators, and there’s a great relationship between investors and the start-up community. We have numerous investment pitches in the diary, when we can show people how we are going to change the world for the better.”

Access to talent, proximity to schools and teachers and the abundance of networking events were also key draws.

If you can make it in London, it opens up opportunities throughout Europe. The amount of connections and opportunities in London, the early-stage investment, the size of the edtech sector — it’s a much larger industry here.

Patrick Devine, Litmus founder

London: the home of product evolution and global rollout

London provided Litmus with the opportunity to improve its product and expand to new markets.

The city’s strong support of beta products has been critical, says Devine: “We’re still making our product ‘market fit’, and are making huge changes to the user interface based on student feedback.”

Litmus plans to expand “region by region” from London, focusing on the UK and Ireland before tackling wider markets further afield. “Maths is a universal language and our product can cross any border,” adds Devine.

Key takeaways

London powers early-stage growth:
Litmus expanded to London to secure funding and accelerate expansion
The company set up in Central Working in Manchester and in the City of London — co-working spaces that are home to vibrant start-up communities
Litmus was showcased in Israel as part of the Mayor of London’s business delegation to Tel Aviv in November 2015, co-organised by London & Partners

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