Founded in 2006, Adadyn are giving users complete campaign control with real-time optimisation.

Organisation details


Adadyn is an adtech company, simplifying programmatic advertising for mid-size advertisers.

With a unique, targeted approach to online advertising, Adadyn’s end-to-end platform provides the tools to reach audiences and meet marketing objectives. Giving users complete campaign control with real-time optimisation and the ability to create and serve dynamic digital ads with customised messages across screens.

Adadyn's SaaS based platform, offers the following products:

  • Retargeting
  • Prospecting
  • Personalised creatives

India Emerging Twenty combines the power of a global stage showcasing the best in Indian technology with a unique gathering of innovators and market makers, providing us the perfect forum to accelerate the awareness of our global advertising platform

Kiran Gopinath, Founder and CEO, Adadyn

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