Brompton Bicycle in Japan, Ace Hotel/tokyobike in London

Two brands of bicycle are proving real hits with riders in London and Japan.
Brompton Bicycles 日本語訳は英文の下にあります

Across London and in Japan, growing numbers of commuters and visitors are turning to the bicycle as a quick, healthy and effective way of getting around town.

Brompton Bicycle in Japan…

Brompton first started to sell its iconic folding bikes to Japan in 2003. Today, the country is one of the company’s fastest growing and most important markets. Working with its distributor Mizutani, who have been fundamental to the company’s growth in Japan, Brompton bikes are sold throughout Japan. Two of the company’s ten Brompton Junction stores, which hold the full range of Brompton products and have specially trained staff, are in Kobe and Tokyo.

A variety of fan-led clubs has emerged, including the Brompton Tokyo club which has over a thousand members and organises regular Brompton rides.

Proudly made in London, its home city currently has about 80,000 Bromptons on the road. With demand for genuinely portable bicycles on the rise, there’s no reason why a city like Tokyo can’t match that number.

What’s next?

“As we see mass migration to cities, the need for bikes as a mode of transport increases,” says Quinton Pullinger, Brompton Bicycle’s head of operations in Asia Pacific. “The current employee insurance laws are restricting cycling to work and our challenge with our partners is to help improve this. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics offers a great opportunity to improve cycling culture, infrastructure and legislation for future generations.”

 …and Tokyobike in London

Before it opened its first European hotel in London’s fashionable Shoreditch, Ace Hotel had reached out to Japanese bicycle maker tokyobike in order to make some custom coloured bikes for its guests. The teams at the two companies had become friends while working on the hotel, so it was a no-brainer for Ace to invite tokyobike to add to the guest experience.

Guests don’t just get the bikes but also helmets, locks, tips on where to go, and even a healthy picnic. 

A successful collaboration

It was the success of this guest loan scheme that led Ace Hotel and tokyobike to take their collaboration one step further in May this year - to launch a limited edition, single speed bicycle together. These bikes are available to ride and buy in the London and downtown Los Angeles hotels, as well as online and in tokyobike stores globally. With early healthy sales, the collaboration between the London hotel and the Japanese bicycle maker looks set to develop further.






ブロンプトンファンが集まって作るクラブも現れ、中でもブロンプトン東京クラブ[YD1] は1,000人を超えるメンバーを擁し、定期的にブロンプトンサイクリングイベントを開催しています。

"Made in London"を誇るブロンプトンだけに、現在ロンドンでは約8万台のブロンプトン自転車が使用されています。本当に持ち運びできる折りたたみ自転車への需要が高まっている今、東京でもこの数を達成できない理由はありません。








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