Imperial College London and ROIS

The Data Science Institute at Imperial College London is working on a set of big data research collaborations with Tokyo’s Research Organisation of Information and Systems (ROIS).
DSI supercomputer, Imperial College London


It will bring together some of the world’s finest data scientists working in London and Japan from a range of academic disciplines – not just big data specialists.

It is anticipated that Imperial College London’s world-leading expertise in climate change will complement the work of ROIS in polar research. Imperial’s mathematicians, statisticians and computer scientists will also work with their ROIS counterparts to utilise enormous data sets more effectively.


The two institutions expect to work together in collecting, preparing, managing, analysing, interpreting and visualising large and complex data sets. Their work has potential applications in academic fields such as astrophysics, particle physics, biology, meteorology, medicine, finance, healthcare and social sciences.

The scholars are not only concerned with the tools and methods to obtain, manage and analyse data; they are also working to extract value from data and translate it from asset to product.

A successful partnership

“Data is the lifeblood of the 21st century,” says Professor Yike Guo, Director of the Data Science Institute at Imperial College. “Big data offers enormous potential across a wide range of academic disciplines. Medical innovation, disease prevention, climate change research, the analysis of financial markets and consumer behaviour, and the development of cities capable of accommodating population growth, all require us to gain insights from large, complex data sets.

“These bring shared challenges and opportunities to London and Tokyo alike. Imperial and ROIS shall work to harness the data science revolution in these fields and more, helping to solve some of the greatest challenges of our time.”

Over the next year, Imperial and ROIS academics will meet in a series of workshops as they work out how best to harness their respective expertise in data science and to ensure the collaboration brings out the best of London and Tokyo.


だけでなく、ビッグデータの専門家 - それは、一緒に学問分野の範囲からロンドンと日本で働く世界有数のデータ科学者のいくつかをもたらすでしょう。





「データは、21世紀の生命線である、「教授口げんか郭、インペリアル・カレッジのデータ科学研究所のディレクターは述べています。 「ビッグデータは、学問分野の広い範囲で大きな可能性を秘めています。医療技術革新、病気の予防、気候変動研究、金融市場や消費者行動の分析、および人口増加を収容可能な都市の発展は、すべてのは、大規模、複雑なデータセットからの洞察を得ることを求めています。


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