Keechdesign working with Seiko Epson, Yamaha and Aoki

Discover how a small London design firm is successfully collaborating with large Japanese corporations.
Epson Moverio BT-100 designed by Keechdesign


Few British business owners have acquired such a knowledge of Japanese design and business culture as David Keech.

The result of his firm’s collaborations with several of Japan’s best-known companies can be found in homes and offices spanning Tokyo to London: from printers to shirts, from pianos to wearable technologies.


Keech spent time in Japan working as the first non-Japanese designer for Yamaha’s musical instrument division. When he returned to London, he started his own design business: Keechdesign. There was no question about one particular market in which the firm would operate.

“Supplying British design to Japanese companies would be the unique strength of the business," says Keech. Over the past ten years, that has proved to be the case.

The role of today’s design consultancy is highly multi-disciplinary; the core team at Keechdesign is constantly orchestrating teams from a broad platform of disciplines to tackle individual projects. Due to the high level of trust that it has built up over the years, Keechdesign effectively acts as a portal for its Japanese customers to access the skills of many other British specialist companies, from market researchers to architects and engineers.

Today, Keechdesign is actively working with several Japanese companies on projects that vary from large industrial products to cutting-edge consumer technologies.

A successful collaboration

A good recent example is the Epson Moverio BT-100, the company's first see-through mobile viewer, developed as a result of close collaboration in London.

“Keechdesign has supported Epson’s design activities in London since 2009, and is the primary consultancy for Epson's European design operation,” says Hiroaki Sakai - General Manager, Imaging Products Design Department Epson, Japan. “We collaborate on many different projects on a variety of levels and consider Keechdesign to be one of the most successful design partnerships for Epson’s London Design Office, and for Epson as a whole.”

For the past six years, Keech Design and Yamaha’s London-based design team have shared a studio space in central London. It is a striking and unusual example of co-habitation between a small British firm and a large Japanese corporation. “This only works because of the solid relationship that we have built up together,”says Keech, “and once it works, it is very fruitful.”













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