University College London and Eisai

The Japanese pharmaceutical company Eisai and University College London (UCL) share a long and illustrious history of working together.
University College London


The next pioneering phase of this partnership is under way, as UCL and Eisai drive forward the discovery and development of novel therapeutic agents for the treatment of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other related disorders.

The partnership brings together UCL’s expertise in world-class early stage translational research with Eisai‘s drug discovery and development capabilities in a highly interactive and novel approach to industry-academia collaboration.


Collaboration between industry and academia is not in itself new but the Eisai/UCL partnership is distinctive both in its scale and structure.

A group of scientists, funded by Eisai and employed by UCL, has been recruited to translate academic findings into focused drug discovery projects. A dedicated UCL research collaboration group has been formed by Eisai to work closely with colleagues at UCL. To date, this model has delivered four exciting new research projects and new proposals are being actively explored.

A successful collaboration

The alliance forms a major part of Eisai’s open innovation initiative and supports UCL’s wider enterprise strategy to explore external ideas and paths to drug discovery through partnership. In recognition of the strong commitment shown towards the collaboration, Eisai was awarded the UCL Enterprise Corporate Partner of the Year Award 2014.

“We all know that partnerships and collaboration are absolutely essential to success but they can be difficult to achieve,”says Professor Alan Thompson, Dean of the Faculty of Brain Sciences at UCL.

“It is a unique and innovative partnership which we have taken care and time to establish such that it will provide a truly enabling platform for joint working. I am sure that this model will be seen as an exemplar and will be highly productive going forward.” 


日本の医薬品会社エーザイとユニバーシティ・カレッジ・ロンドン(University College London、UCL)は、長年にわたって実りある協力関係を共有してきた歴史があります。







この提携関係はエーザイのオープン・イノベーション構想の重要な鍵であり、またUCLにとっては、パートナーシップを通じて学外のアイデアやルートを創薬に生かすという幅広い事業戦略を支えています。エーザイは、協力関係への積極的な取り組みを評価され、2014年 UCLエンタープライズパートナー賞を受賞しています



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