Footfall123 case study

The Barcelona-based marketing company set up in London with help from London & Partners.

Client profile

Sales and Marketing
Barcelona based Footfall123, an online platform which enables businesses to launch and measure marketing campaigns, sought to expand beyond Spain. It turned to London’s investors to help launch the company in London, and to London & Partners to help it grow. Once launched Footfall123 attracted more than 2,000 clients in its first 12 months.

The real explosive growth happened when we moved to London. There’s much more opportunity here than in Spain and people are more open minded towards young companies.

Ben Chesser, CEO, Footfall123

About Footfall123

Footfall123 provides self-service marketing tools to small, medium and large businesses in the UK and Europe. It helps companies launch, manage and optimise loyalty programmes encompassing email, social media, mobile and coupons - all in one space. It is owned by Codilink, founded in Barcelona in 2004.

Business aim

Spain-based Footfall123 wanted to expand. It was drawn to London’s talent, finance and large client base but needed a guide to introduce it to partnerships and new business opportunities across the city.

London & Partners services

  • Service development: providing IT sector intelligence; introductions to partners; brainstorming ideas for growth
  • Mentoring: connections with companies who have experienced similar growth challenges
  • New business generation: introductions to target clients and London 2012 Games opportunities
  • Publicity: guidance on promotional activitiesRecruitment: advice on London’s talent pool

Business success in London

Codilink set up a completely new business, Footfall123, in London in February 2011. By autumn 2012 the company had expanded to 23 staff and had acquired more than 2,000 clients. It is now setting its sights on Latin America the United States.

In their own words

What advice would you give a company trying to expand to London?
“Get some advice from London & Partners. They are not interested in selling you anything. And remember that expanding to London isn’t scary, which is the impression that some service providers want to give you.”

What does Footfall123 do?
“We provide companies with self-service marketing technology so that they can focus on creative campaigns. These services used to be provided by agencies for tens of thousands of pounds. Our entry-level price is £5.99. Our clients range from hairdressers on the high street to large companies such as Value Retail, L’Oreal and Byron Burgers”

London & Partners’ free, independent services help overseas companies expand quickly. What do you think of them?
“They have been very useful. They are extremely good at opening doors and starting processes. They have made some very good introductions.

Why expand to London now?
“Our decision to expand to London was based on three classic elements: access to capital, access to clients and access to people.”

London is Europe’s number one city for access to venture capital. What difference has this made?
“Our London investors helped us re-define our business model. There was a huge opportunity and they encouraged us to develop a much bigger business.”

London’s IT sector is Europe’s largest, offering access to 540,000 experienced IT professionals and technology graduates. Did this attract you?
“We were looking for developers, product designers and product managers - people who really understand the user experience and product features - and there are a lot in London, particularly in Tech City, east London’s digital technology hub.”

London & Partners has hundreds of business contacts. Did you access these people?
“London & Partners has a phenomenal list of contacts. They have opened several doors for us and helped us meet some great people.”

London & Partners has excellent connections with fast-growing tech companies across the city. Did you tap into this network?
“Yes. They have introduced us to similar companies that have been through the same process as us. And we have even teamed up with some, such as Fuerte, to develop together.”

You chose to re-launch your business in London rather than stay in Spain. Why?
“We had been working in Barcelona for a long time, but the real explosive growth happened when we moved to London. There’s much more opportunity here than in Spain and people are more open minded towards young companies.”

Ben Chesser, CEO, Footfall123

Published: November 2012