Kiosked case study

The Finnish 'smart content' platform set up in London with help from London & Partners.

Client profile

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When ‘smart content’ platform Kiosked wanted to expand throughout Europe, London was the obvious place to start. With London & Partners’ help, Kiosked tapped into leading UK publishers and set up a new office on the doorstep of Tech City — London’s vibrant tech hub recognised for its creativity and quality of staff.

It is really good to know that the London & Partners team is rooting for us. It makes a difference.

Micke, Paqvalén, Kiosked CEO and Founder

About Kiosked

Founded in Finland in 2010, Kiosked is a platform that turns online content such as images, videos and apps into storefronts and points of consumer engagement. The service allows businesses to sell products and services in context, and enables consumers to see, click and buy. Kiosked works with hundreds of brands including Nike, House of Fraser, ASOS and Nokia.

Business aim

As part of its global expansion, Kiosked wanted an office in the heart of Europe’s vibrant technology community. London was the natural choice.

London & Partners services

  • Business development: introductions to new business leads
  • Networking: invitations to take part in high-profile international business events
  • Office location: advice on locating and securing office space

Business success in London

Kiosked set up its London office in January 2013. Its nine-strong London team has been critical to the firm’s expansion, helping raise an additional $6.9m from private investors. Since setting up in London Kiosked has trebled in size, opening offices in New York, Los Angeles and Singapore.

In their own words

What advice would you give a company trying to expand to London?
“Budget carefully for accommodation. London is not cheap in terms of office space and overhead. However, the benefits of being here outweigh the expenses.”

Why expand to London?
“It was the natural place to come. We believe Tech City is the right place for us to be in Europe as it has been singled out as one of the continent’s most important tech hubs in Wired magazine’s annual list of most promising businesses. London also has excellent national and international travel links which is helping us grow our UK business and expand across Europe."

What difference did London & Partners make?
“London & Partners have been very supportive. They’ve invited us to events we would not have gone to otherwise, and offered us legal support and help with finding property.”

What does Kiosked do?
“The Kiosked platform enables images, videos and apps to be turned into interactive storefronts. For example, customers can see a picture of a dress on a celebrity, and click through and buy it — or something very like it. This creates a win-win situation for all parties, including consumers as it offers a fun and innovative way to shop and discover things online.”

Your new offices are on the edge of Tech City, Europe’s fastest-growing digital cluster. Tell us more.
“We are in Clerkenwell, which is significantly cheaper than being in the middle of town. It is very convenient for Tech City, which is perfect for us, since there are many potential customers and partners located locally. It has a vibrant and lively publishing market.”

London & Partners’ business team is rated as responsive and approachable. Do you agree?
“Yes. It is really good to know that the London & Partners team is rooting for us. It makes a difference.”

With more than 1,000 remarkable venues, London is one of the world’s best cities for international business events. Are you taking advantage of this?
“Yes. For example, London & Partners has invited us to be involved in their activities around the 9th World Islamic Economic Forum [London was the first non-Muslim country to host this well-respected event in October 2013], which has helped us to make more contacts.”

Looking ahead, what are you excited about in London?
“Only this summer, major newspaper group News UK announced that it was moving to London Bridge, which is close to our office. Three other national newspapers are following in its footsteps. This is exciting for us, because we work with many well-known publishers. The continuous growth and investment into the creative and tech industries by the UK government keeps opening new opportunities for Kiosked, too.”

London is at the heart of Europe’s largest ICT market. Do you feel that you are being supported?
“Yes. The UK government is encouraging the UK technology sector. The support for the Tech City initiative has led to a dramatic change in the business scene as traditional financial services companies are now side-by-side with tech businesses.”

Will you work with London & Partners in the future?
“Certainly. We really value their support.”

Micke Paqvalén, Kiosked CEO and Founder and Peter Clothier, Head of Sales

Published: November 2013