MJV Technology and Innovation case study

The Brazil-based business innovation company set up in London with help from London & Partners and UK Trade & Investment.

Client profile

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Brazilian business innovation company MJV Technology and Innovation wanted to expand worldwide, and help global firms tap into opportunities in new markets. London & Partners provided vital guidance on location, recruitment and legislation, and the company is now thriving in the UK capital.

London is a hub for the entire world. Business innovation comes to London. It doesn’t go to Rio or São Paulo, it comes to London. There are so many opportunities and a very strong design scene here.

Mauricio J Vianna e Silva, Partner/Director, MJV Technology and Innovation

About MJV Technology and Innovation

Employing more than 300 consultants with international experience, MJV develops custom-made innovation solutions for business, crafted with a 'design thinking' approach, combining expertise in innovation, technology and mobile integration. Clients include global brands such as Mapfre and Itaú. Founded in Brazil, MJV has offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and now London.

Business aim

With the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics approaching, the world’s spotlight is now on Brazil. MJV saw an opportunity to help companies generate business in its native country and to expand it own business worldwide. London was the obvious choice, but where to go and how to grow?

London & Partners services

  • New business: introductions to lead generation agencies, potential clients and partners, and the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Property location: finding an office in the City of London
  • Recruitment: advising on how to locate and employ staff
  • Legal obligations: guidance on company regulation and tax; introductions to tax specialists and accountants

Business success in London

MJV opened its London office in November 2012 and is now successfully targeting new clients in insurance, retail, financial services and telecomms. By January 2013 it had won several contracts and its small London team was growing fast.

In their own words

What advice would you give a company trying to expand to London?
“Work closely with the London & Partners the UK Trade & Investment teams. They can definitely help.”

London is Europe’s number one business city. Did this attract you?
“London is a hub for the entire world. Business innovation comes to London. It doesn’t go to Rio or São Paulo, it comes to London. There are so many opportunities and a very strong design scene here.”

How did London & Partners’ business team help you?
“They helped us set up our office. They helped us find lawyers and accountants. They provided us with all the support we needed to ensure that we touched down safely.”

What are your aims in London?
“We want to help companies tap into new global opportunities, and help British companies establish themselves in Brazil and customise their products for the Brazilian environment. It’s a huge market of 200 million people and a very important place for British businesses to be. We also plan to expand our services globally from London.”

What does MJV Technology and Innovation do?
“We are a business innovation, technology and mobile consultancy company. We help companies solve business problems in a creative way - in the way that designers work.”

Can you give us some examples?
“Whenever a business has remained the same for ten years, there’s an opportunity for innovation. We have helped TV companies and newspapers evolve their business models, a global insurance company simplify its products and numerous organisations design truly customer-centric experiences. We resolve bottlenecks, deliver results and create new business opportunities.”

How are you different from a management consultancy?
“Traditional management consultancies divide a problem into small parts and tackle each part to create a solution. We use design thinking. This includes ‘immersion’, where we talk to stakeholders and even live with them to understand their behaviour and needs; ‘ideation’, where we co-create ideas and then ‘prototyping’ where we test out ideas on real customers and clients.

London is Europe’s leading city for headquarters. Has this affected your plans?
“We plan to move the HQ to the UK and London & Partners is helping us do this. After this we shall expand to Chicago and then perhaps China. Our move here is just the beginning of a larger internationalisation process.

It’s easier to set up in London than in most other cities world-wide. Do you agree?
“We looked into other places including Chicago but London was first because it’s such a business-friendly environment.”

London is Europe’s leading city for qualified staff. Are you recruiting locally?
“The talent in London is another reason to set up here. It’s a very large market. We’re recruiting people locally in London to create multi-disciplinary teams.”

How can we find out more about your creative approach? 
“Download our free book, Design Thinking, which features techniques and tools to solve business problems more creatively and effectively. http://designthinkingbook.co.uk

What difference did London & Partners make to your business?
"It gives you confidence when you see a structure like that. We’ve enjoyed the relationship with them, and have had great support. We will carry on using their services, particularly if they organise events around our four key markets.”

Mauricio J Vianna e Silva, Partner/Director, MJV Technology and Innovation

Published: January 2013