Spinifex IT case study

The Australia-headquartered software company set up in London with help from UK Trade & Investment and London & Partners.

Client profile

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Spinifex IT
Spinifex IT, an Australia-headquartered software company specialising in SAP HR and payroll process improvement solutions, wanted to expand across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). With London & Partners’ help it set up speedily in London and won several new contracts with local government, financial services, energy and utility clients.

Our company is predominantly Anglo-Saxon and there are fantastic links to US and Australian markets. The next logical step is to look to cover EMEA, starting from London.

Luc Bossaert, CEO UK, Spinifex IT

About Spinifex IT

Software company Spinifex IT helps large organisations make their SAP HR and payroll processes more efficient and effective. The company was established in Australia in 2003 and also has offices in Atlanta in the US and now, as of 2012, in London.

Business aim

New employment legislation created a huge opportunity for Spinifex IT in the UK. The company decided to set up in London to spearhead a new business drive across EMEA. But could it establish itself quickly and target London’s HQ cluster?

London & Partners services

  • Introductions: recommending professionals in law, accountancy and HR; networking at business events
  • Property: finding office space in West London through Touchdown, a scheme offering expanding overseas companies free and low-cost office space for up to a year
  • Visa and immigration: guidance on options and legal obligations
  • Market intelligence: data on opportunities in the London market

Business success in London

Spinifex IT set up in London in 2012. The office is now generating business across EMEA, deploying its SAP HR and payroll business process improvement solutions for local councils and financial services, utilities and energy clients.

In their own words

What advice would you give a company trying to expand to London?
“Get in contact with London & Partners. They can answer the most important questions before you come and advise you early on.”

London is Europe’s leading city for headquarters. Did this attract you?
“Yes. It’s the size of this market. We thought that the UK was the best market to tap into due to the presence of HQs and the take-up of business management software SAP. We want to develop the business out of London through the multinational HQs based here.”

London & Partners has offices around the world, including Australia. How did you meet them?
“Through their representative in Melbourne. It was a perfect fit: we could brief them in Australia and in London. It was a good way to plan our structure.”

How did London & Partners’ business team help?
“They were very helpful and efficient. They helped me with our location, legislation and finding commercial partners such as accountants, lawyers and payroll. They also invited me to networking events. It was a big push.”

What does Spinifex IT do?
“We are a software provider helping companies run human management and payroll systems more quickly, efficiently and effectively. We help companies improve their business processes by using the data more effectively and cutting out manual work.”

Why should a company use your services?
“We create solutions to specific HR day-to-day problems, serving various audiences: Payroll Managers, HR Business Partners and C-level Executives. Our systems are implemented in one or two days not six months. An HR team doesn’t have to go to its IT department for a report — they can do it themselves. Legislation is a big driver: companies need to make sure that they are abiding by the law and reconciling their data accurately.”

London is Europe’s best city for transport links and access to markets. Was this a factor?
"Our company is predominantly Anglo-Saxon and there are fantastic links to US and Australian markets. The next logical step is to look to cover EMEA, starting from London.”

What kind of legislation is creating opportunities for your business?
“From April 2013, companies have to provide Pay As You Earn (PAYE) information to HM Revenue & Customs on a monthly and real-time basis, instead of at the end of the year. This can be a difficult manual task, but our software manages and checks this information automatically. Also, as of 2012, employers need to provide a pension scheme for their employees and we can automate this process too.”

There are 22,000 IT businesses in London and a new hi-tech hub to the east. Are you benefiting from this?
“The whole infrastructure is impressive. There are lots of technology partners here in the UK and we wanted to be close to them. There are also great skills. We have recruited four people here and will need more as we expand across Europe. If I can employ them in London, I will.”

London is one of the easiest cities in Europe in which to do business. What do you think?
“There’s not a lot of red tape and legislation, which really helps.”

What difference did London & Partners make to your business?
“They helped us create the right environment and get the ball rolling faster. Their network of commercial partners and their advice on location have all helped me drive our expansion faster.”

Luc Bossaert, CEO UK, Spinifex IT

Published: March 2012