Cambridge Cognition

Cambridge Cognition translates gold standard neuroscience research into tools that are usable and practical for doctors, researchers, and patients. These tools make the drug development process more efficient, through their development of software based on new insights into neuroscience that flow out of nearby Cambridge University.

The company are interested in not only helping to develop new drugs but also in how mobile health can: help to make drugs more effective; or enable patients to better manage their health; or measure precisely how and when they use their drugs. This information then positions them to make a digital health case for the drug, beyond the simple assessment of its efficacy in a lab.

The combination of data and consumer apps will lead to more effective health spending.

Jenny Barnett, Chief Scientific Officer, Cambridge Cognition

Report: A Digital Health Hub

We spoke to experts from industry, academia and the UK National Health Service (NHS) about the thriving digital health ecosystem.

Read the report to learn about the opportunities for you in the golden triangle of Cambridge, London and Oxford.

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11 Health - Digital Health

11 Health

Meet Michael Seres, founder of 11 Health, a connected medical device company using Bluetooth technology to send secure real-time data to mobile devices. Michael founded 11 Health after having first-hand experience of stoma bag use following an intestinal transplant. He wanted to take back control of his life and spotted the need for a device that both patients and doctors could use for monitoring. This led to the development of the Ostom-I Alert Sensor.

Digital Health - Antidote


Discover Antidote a digital health company on a mission to accelerate the breakthrough in life-saving treatment by bridging the gap between medical research and the people who need it. They use cutting-edge technology to match the right patients with the right trials, helping medical researchers make progress, faster and offering new treatment options to patients in need.

Digital Health in London  - Isansys - UK


Discover Oxford company, Isansys Lifecare who with support from the Oxford Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) are creating a new class of data-driven biomarkers. Take the work they are doing with hepatologists at the Royal Free Hospital in London: the data from just one wireless wearable sensor patch taken over a 20-minute period is equivalent to the data and information content traditionally obtained from a blood test which takes hours of lab time and requires the patient to attend the hospital. This is a major shift towards data-driven methods.

Digital Health London - Px HealthCare

Px HealthCare

Discover Px HealthCare, who utilized the NHS Innovation Accelerator as a UK launchpad for their OWise breast cancer app. In 2013, Px HealthCare launched its OWise breast cancer app in the Netherlands. The company had always intended to grow its business abroad. Having been selected for participation in the NHS Innovation Accelerator, and attracted by the appeal of the golden triangle of Cambridge, London and Oxford, it decided to relocate its centre of business operations to the UK from July 2015.

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