Useful contacts

Get the most out of London and grow your network by connecting with the huge number of organisations based in the city. From membership clubs and trade associations to chambers of commerce and cultural organisations, our selection will help you get started.
  • IPA

    The IPA supports UK advertising, media and marketing communications agencies through training, insight, events and awards.

  • Japanese Chamber of Commerce

    The Japanese Chamber of Commerce in London promotes the interests of Japanese business in the UK through networking events.

  • Chinese Business Association

    Expand your London connections by joining the Chinese Business Association — the forum for Chinese business in London

  • MedCity

    Tap into London’s ecosystem of research, manufacturing and commercialisation

  • Meetup

    Meetup is the world’s largest network of local groups. Thousands of Londoners use it to organise hundreds of gatherings.

  • Nesta

    Nesta is a charity dedicated to realising innovative ideas through grants, direct investment and prizes.

  • Rainmaking Loft

    Rainmaking Loft offers affordable riverside office space in London with dedicated desks, meeting rooms and an event venue.

  • Sitematch London

    Sitematch London introduces developers to local councils and public sector landowners through ‘high-speed’ meetings.

  • Tech City

    Kick-start your London technology business by joining the growing community of thinkers and innovators in London’s Tech City.

  • TechStars

    Learn how you can enhance your startup in TechStars London's office.