Caban Capital

Caban is a multi-national full service VC firm providing both capital and a wide range of services to early stage ventures. With a combined 85 years of private equity experience and multiple international IPo’s under their belt the business provides both a high level of support, expertise and access to markets.

Organisation details

Venture Capital London - Caban Capital
Caban Capital
Venture Capital Partners

As an active VC firm with around 64 investments worldwide Caban is looking for dedicated entrepreneurial teams who requires a pro-active approach to business growth. They will initially invest services such as accounting, IT, Marketing, social media and sales services into your business together with award winning mentoring support. Investments thus far are in renewable energy, IT, Fintech, SaaS, BioTech and eco-construction. 

The business has a strong social ethos with multiple community investment schemes being supported.

Caban has a flexible deal structure approach and steer away from one size fits all solutions and welcome early stage and pre-funding opportunities.


London, Johannesburg, Cape Town

Typical Investment Size

Early stage - £100,000-£300,000


Renewable energy, IT, Fintech, SaaS, BioTech and eco-construction

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