London+ FDI Report

An analysis of the phenomenon of foreign direct investment in London leading to further investment in the rest of the UK and Europe, covering the period 2003-2015

London leads the way for FDI in the UK and Europe. Between 2003-2015 London secured 39 per cent of all UK projects and 26 per cent of all jobs in the UK. Top UK areas for investment also include Scotland and England’s South East and North West. This piece of research aims to understand the economic contribution made by foreign companies investing in London first and then expanding to other parts of the UK.

London+ FDI report

FDI in London leading to further investment in the rest of the UK

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Our report will:

  • Identify the volume, sector and country of origin of London+ companies
  • Find out which UK regions and European countries attract London+ firms
  • Understand the economic impact London+ companies have on the UK
  • Quantify the number of jobs created by London+ companies

London & Partners is very much at the beginning of its investigations. We need to find out much more about the appeal of ‘beyond London’ for overseas businesses, and explore any perceived barriers to using London as a gateway for the rest of the UK or Europe.

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