Founded by Roland Lamb, an American who studied comparative philosophy at Harvard before doing an MA in product design at London's Royal College of Art, ROLI is creating a new category of expressive music technologies. Its touch-responsive Seaboard instruments have received universal acclaim from musicians and the media alike.

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ROLI London Technology Week Convergence Hero

The multi-award winning Seaboard RISE remodels the piano keyboard as a soft, silicone surface that lets music-makers shape sound through five dimensions of touch. ROLI's free app, NOISE, turns the iPhone into a powerfully expressive musical instrument. Through integrated hardware, software and social products, ROLI is creating a new space: Connected Music.

Coders, engineers, musicians and marketers are heading to east London to join this exciting Dalston company. And investors are following, too. Recently, Colorado-based VC firm Foundry Group led a $27m Series B fundraising - the firm's first investment outside the US.

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