Meet London's Tech Convergence Heroes

For centuries, London has been the powerhouse of the global economy. Now, world-class tech talent is combining with the city's historic strengths and skills to build businesses which have the potential to change global industries.

London Technology Week is a festival of live events that take place throughout the capital from 20th-26th June that celebrates and cultivates London as a global powerhouse of tech innovation.  As part of London Technology Week 2016, we shone a spotlight on tech innovation here in London in a new report-  'London - The Capital of Convergence' showcasing how technology is being used to disrupt all sectors - from fashion and education to travel, financial services and more.

London- Tech Convergence

London - The Capital of Convergence

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Tech convergence in the capital

Convergence Heroes

There is no single easy metric to identify a Tech Convergence Hero. We conducted extensive desk research and consulted widely. We interviewed and received recommendations from investors and CEOs, academics and policy-makers. We sought nominations from more than 30 of London's accelerators and incubators. And then we asked the Mayor of London's Technology Ambassadors to review our candidates.

Some of our Tech Convergence Heroes are already demonstrating powerful growth in revenues and employee numbers. Others are at an earlier stage but are also fast-growth companies which have attracted external investment and the support of their customers.

But one thing is for certain: nowhere else in the world could produce such a diverse range of such revolutionary businesses. From the future of music to mental health support, from digital jewellery to mobile banking, these ten Tech Convergence Heroes are making the most of their London advantage.

Convergence Heroes

Big White Wall

Big White Wall is a true hero for London's growing digital health ecosystem


A bank that belongs on the smartphone, not on the high street


ROLI is creating a new category of expressive music technologies


Helps organisations collaborate on video with their employees, fans and customers

Technology Will Save Us

Outstanding example of London's strengths in product design, education and technology


A range of tech-enabled jewellery that explores the relationship between humans and technology


This is the company that reinvented the transport app, built for commuters and their daily needs.


Deliveroo has merged the intersection between food and technology


Enables people to send money to friends and family abroad

Yoyo Wallet

Mobile-first payment, loyalty and personalised marketing platform

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