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Find out why London offers the best conditions for expanding or opening a law firm, accounting firm, insurance company, and professional services firms.

Rated as the world’s top city for professional services, London for business provides is Europe’s top legal and dispute resolution market and a top-three global insurance hub. Opening a law firm, starting an accounting firm or expanding your professional services company in London will group you with the world’s best accountancy firms, lawyers, legal advisers and consultants.

1. Easy access

As an ambitious overseas company, you benefit from unrestricted access to London. More than 200 overseas law firms have opened offices in London and the UK, expanding from the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, China, Japan and elsewhere across the globe.

2. The globe’s top companies

In London you’ll be among the world’s best. The city is the global leader for internationally traded insurance and reinsurance, and commercial dispute resolution. The City of London is the only place where every single top-20 international insurance and reinsurance firm is active. 

Legal leader: four of the world’s top ten legal firms are headquartered in London

Management consultancy powerhouse: centring on London, the UK is Europe’s largest management consulting market

3. Network with the world

Expand to London to globalise. International law firms here are leading advisers in international capital market deals, shipping and international insurance. Opening a law firm in London will help you find international opportunities at UK professional institutions, headquartered in London, boasting nearly 120,000 overseas members.

4. Massive investment

With a London base, you’ll benefit from the millions being ploughed into professional services apprenticeships across the city. London’s £300m Rolls Building, Royal Courts of Justice, is the world’s largest dedicated business, property and commercial court.

Being in London is critical. An office in the UK capital gives us access to opportunities that we wouldn’t have found elsewhere. The important players in the key industries are all located here, and it’s vital for us to have access to them. We would not have made the plans to establish a brokerage in London if it wasn’t for the contacts made through being in the City.

Gregorio Rodriguez Santos, Deputy MD Business Development, Mapfre

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