Why London for financial services?

Every major bank and financial institution in the world has a presence in London. Find out how to join them.

London is where capital, new ideas and expertise collide, creating the best possible conditions for international financial services companies. A London office also gives you essential access to the world’s leading financial institutions, accountants and management consultants.

1. World’s biggest markets

Come to London to be at the heart of the world’s largest foreign exchange market and in the top location for OTC interest rate derivatives. The London Stock Exchange is the world’s leading international exchange with more than 600 international listings, while 70% of global Eurobond turnover is traded in the city.

2. Globalising business models

Your pioneering ideas have the greatest chance of success in London. The City of London, the globe’s financial hub, is extremely receptive to breakthroughs and globalising industries such as carbon trading, Islamic finance and RMB trading.

Critical mass: 40,000 financial services companies are based in London.

Vast talent pool: more than 360,000 people work in London’s financial services; 50,000 for overseas-owned companies.

3. Industry hotspots and workforces

143,000 people are employed in the banking sector in London. East London’s Canary Wharf is home to both Europe’s largest banking cluster and the continent’s biggest accelerator space for fintech companies, Level39.

4. Resilience and stability

London has remained steadfast at the top of the Global Financial Centres Index since 1997 – enduring Eurozone instability and the banking crisis. Enjoy the benefits of a resilient financial sector in London.

London is the centre of the financial industry. It's a professional, vibrant, cosmopolitan city. The talent pool has been a major factor too. There are many opportunities to bring in bright people…We wanted a truly international platform. We had bases in Asia, Australia and the US and our clients were actively asking us to set up in London.

Gary Hayes, CEO, BTIG

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