London's life sciences business sector

Set up in Europe’s leading life sciences hotspot to access incubators, global networks and commercial opportunities and life science consulting.

London offers one of the world’s most innovative and collaborative life sciences sectors for business. Grow your business here by partnering with academics, institutions and companies. Maximise value and protect your work by teaming up with patent and intellectual property protection experts.

1. A city of breakthroughs

More research papers are generated here than in any other city in the world after Boston. More than 90,000 students are studying medicine and the NHS is investing £800m in clinical research between 2012-17. The Imperial Centre for Translational and Experimental Medicine is developing new treatments and conducting clinical trials. British life sciences is the most exciting destination for life science investment and activity. 

2. Pioneering MedCity

London’s 2014 Cell Therapy Catapult centre and the 2015 Francis Crick Institute, Europe’s largest centre for biological research and innovation, are just two flagships in the UK’s emerging life sciences offer, MedCity.

Established cluster: over 1,200 life sciences companies are thriving in London

Major investment: £16bn is being invested in London’s public sector healthcare, research and teaching annually

3. Life sciences ecosystem

London offers a ‘joined up’ ecosystem of research, public and private investment, international companies and skills. A talent for discovery and commercialisation drives the sector.

4. Incubator base

See how London is bringing new ideas to market at London’s £7m Imperial Bio-incubator. The £28m Queen Mary Bio Enterprises features 39,000 sq ft of state-of-the-art labs, while the London BioScience Innovation Centre (LBIC) offers top quality office space to expanding companies.

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