Artificial intelligence (AI)

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At the forefront of technology and with exceptional data diversity, London is the AI growth capital. Here are five reasons why the city leads the way.

1. Trusted data

London offers open and transparent data with tight rules for privacy. The London Datastore, a free datasharing portal from the Mayor of London, provides everyone with access to more than 700 datasets on London[1], with more data becoming accessible all the time. Great news for companies like Citymapper, who started in London.

2. A global environment

More than 200 languages are spoken in London[2], and AI thrives in this multilingual environment. Deep learning comes from data that’s truly representative of diverse populations, so the breadth and depth of London’s datasets are as unique as its entrepreneurs.

3. Leading research

London’s advanced AI research base pumps out out high-quality academic research and talent – 13 top universities in the city offer AI, Machine Learning and other related degrees.[1]Two of DeepMind’s co-founders met while studying at UCL.

Many people told us that a new AI lab would need to be based in Silicon Valley to be successful, but we saw things in a different way. In London, we have top talent right here on our doorstep and it’s also a hub for exceptional AI talent from all around the globe.

4. Investment opportunities

Corporate and VC investment in London’s AI capabilities continues to pour into the city. Google will open its new 7,000-strong headquarters in King’s Cross in 2020, while the new UCL/Cisco Artificial Intelligence Research Centre will be one of the largest AI research centres in the world.

5. A growing ecosystem

London is home to 758 AI companies – double the total of Berlin and Paris combined. AI has the potential to add £232bn (10% of GDP) to the UK economy by 2030[3], with London's legal sector already using AI to facilitate better recruitment results.

AI postcard

London for AI postcard

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