London for cyber

London for cyber security
It's no secret that London takes cyber security seriously. Europe's leading financial centre also offers incredible access to digitally advanced customers, innovative talent and major investment opportunities. Here are five reasons why cyber security is London's domain.

1. Customers

As one of the world's most digitised societies, the capital's market is ready and waiting with a diverse base of customers – 74% of UK businesses name cyber security as a high priority.[1]

2. Talent

London attracts top experts and the numbers prove it. The capital is home to the biggest developer population in Europe and a deep talent pool of more than 100,000 cyber security professionals.[2]

3. Research

Few global cities can match the vibrancy of London's research environment. Academia, business and government are energised by collaboration, with backing from four London universities recognised as Academic Centres of Excellence in cyber security research.[3]

London is quite simply the best place for TradingHub to be located as our staffing needs require finance experience, coding expertise and graduates with strong results from great universities.

4. Government support

Cyber companies in London fully support the government's £1.9bn investment to the UK's National Cyber Security Strategy, rolling out until 2021. Their mission is simple: to make Britain "the safest place in the world to live and do business online".[4]

5. Investment

A total of 49% of UK venture capital investment into cyber security goes to London firms.[5] Avast, one of the world’s largest consumer antivirus suppliers, was one of the largest IPOs on the London Stock Exchange in 2018.[6]

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