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London is the best place for ecommerce businesses to access some of the most forward-thinking global brands, world-class VC funding and the UK’s tech-savvy consumers. Here are five reasons why London excels in digital shopping.

1. Access to global brands

London continues to appeal to international retailers. In recent years, the capital has welcomed HQs as well as brands and shops such as Chanel, L'Oréal, RazerStore and Allbirds.

2. Tech-savvy consumers

95% of UK internet users have shopped online, the highest percentage in Europe. UK shoppers spend a huge amount online annually, with an overall market revenue of $86.45bn (£65.4bn), making the UK the largest ecommerce market in Europe (the fourth globally, after China, the USA and Japan).[1]

3. Record investment

£1.62bn VC investment was poured into London’s ecommerce sector in 2020, the most of any European city.[2] was drawn to London nine years ago by its tech-forward spirit and creativity. We’ve grown from our HQ in the city to become one of the world’s largest fintechs, powering global ecommerce brands with our connected payments technology.
Antoine Nougué
Head of Commercial for Europe,

4. A growing ecosystem

London is producing some of the world’s fastest-growing tech companies, with Dealroom identifying 81 potential future unicorns headquartered in the capital – double the amount of Paris (42) and Berlin (32). London-based online payment firm is Europe’s largest unicorn.[3]

5. Thriving talent

London is home to the highest number of tech developers in Europe, with more than 365,000 developers.[4]

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