London for fintech

London combines the “fin” of New York and the “tech” of the West Coast in one global city. It’s time for your business to be supported by the world’s most forward-thinking regulators and consumers. Here are five reasons why London excels in fintech.

1. World-class funding

Invest in your success: the average early-stage funding per start-up in London is $451k, while the global average is only $252k.[1] London is the perfect regulatory sandbox, plus is the home of the FCA and a city of incredible financial firepower.

2. Extensive talent pool

Hire the best talent from a big pool: London has more software developers than anywhere else in Europe, and 44,000 people working in fintech roles.[2] Which is handy for the 48,000 financial services and insurance companies operating in the city.

3. Diverse ecosystem

Only Malaysia has more significant Islam-compliant fintech companies than London. The capital is home to more than 250 foreign banks and 233 languages are spoken in the city.[3]

London will always be great for fintech because of its inherent strength as a finance hub and its cutting-edge attitude to tech.

4. Extensive expertise

Ranked by Deloitte as the top city in the world for fintech[4], access serious industry expertise. London hosts 37% of global foreign exchange trading and has more bank head offices than any other place in the world.[5]

5. Modern consumers

Meet 10 million innovative consumers. Britain leads the world by per capita e-commerce spend. By 2026, it is predicted that cash will be used for just 21% of payments in the UK.[6]

London for fintech map

London for fintech map

Download our map and see where London's fintech companies are based.

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