London for fintech

It’s time for your business to be supported by the world’s most forward-thinking regulators and consumers. Here are five reasons why London excels in fintech.

1. World-class funding

Invest in your success: the average early-stage funding per start-up in London is $486k, while the global average is only $284k.[1] £2.7bn+ of fintech VC has been raised in London in 2020 (up to September), more than New York, Berlin and Paris.[2]

2. Extensive talent pool

Hire the best talent: London has more software developers than anywhere else in Europe, and 44,000 people working in fintech roles,[3] which is handy for the 48,000 financial services and insurance companies operating in the city.

3. Diverse ecosystem

There are 2,183 fintech companies headquartered in London – the highest amount globally and more than New York and San Francisco.[4] The capital is also home to more than 250 foreign banks and 233 languages are spoken in the city.[5]

London will always be great for fintech because of its inherent strength as a finance hub and its cutting-edge attitude to tech.

4. Extensive expertise

Ranked by Deloitte as the top city in the world for fintech[6], access serious industry expertise. London hosts 37% of global foreign exchange trading and is a global financial centre leading in providing professional services.[7]

5. Modern consumers

Meet 10 million innovative consumers. Britain leads the world by per capita ecommerce spend. By 2026, it is predicted that cash will be used for just 21% of payments in the UK.[8]

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