The London story: creating a smart city that delivers for citizens

As one of the world’s great cities, London has evolved over centuries to deliver the housing, transport and infrastructure it needs.

In today’s world of accelerating urbanisation and revolutionary digital transformation, the Mayor has set out his ambition to make London the world’s smartest city. Today, London is already a hub for smart mobility, cleantech and govtech, with many more opportunities for further cross-sectoral development in this capital of convergence. As we plan for our sustainable, connected future, we welcome you to join us on this journey and work with us to build a city as smart as its citizens.

The future of transport

London is a leader in smart mobility, with an ambitious goal that by 2041, 80% of journeys in the capital will be made on foot, on a bicycle, or on public transport.[1] Transport for London, the city’s integrated transport authority is working towards smart transport solutions that, by 2020, will equate to a market of $1.2bn.[2]

A cleantech leader with market potential

The Mayor of London wants to ensure London is a zero-carbon city by 2050.[3] Early-stage VC investment, a supportive ecosystem and late-stage financing have already led to successful London cleantech IPOs[4], while the market potential for smart energy, water and waste could reach $4bn by 2020.[5]

Accessible, responsive, citizen-oriented public services

As a global tech hub, London is transforming its public services to better meet the needs of its citizens. To that end, regulatory support will encourage collaboration, better digital public services and solutions to three major issues: an ageing population, climate change and inequality.[6]

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