Retail and consumer experiences in London's West End

People enjoy the shops on London's Oxford Street during golden hour.
London's West End: Oxford Circus. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.
London's West End is where retail and consumer businesses thrive. Be a part of it by expanding your presence to this iconic area.

London's West End is the place to be for retail and consumer businesses. Famous for its creative dynamism and widely diverse experiences, the area attracts consumers from all over the world, from London residents and students to domestic and international visitors.

There is currently a unique opportunity for international brands operating in consumer-facing businesses to expand their presence to the iconic West End.

Whether your brand covers fashion, food and drink, art, health and wellbeing or a totally new concept for consumers, you can find a home in London’s West End.

What is London's West End?

1. Diverse customers

From London's residents, workforce and students, to domestic and international visitors, London’s West End attracts a hugely diverse and enthusiastic consumer base, with 200 million annual visitors [1] enjoying the wealth of brands on offer in this popular central London area. Your business can be a part of it.

2. An economic and international powerhouse

London is the top city in the world for international retail investment, with 343 international brands expanding to the city between 2016 and 2020, which was more than in Paris (210), New York (201) and Hong Kong (148).[2] Brands in the West End generate an impressive £10bn in revenue each year. Forecasts predict that by 2027, that number could reach £12bn.[3]

3. Investment into the area

Westminster City Council, the local government responsible for London’s West End, alongside local business partnerships, are making huge investments into the area.

Infrastructure and place-making strategies are already transforming the West End, including forthcoming new gateways via the Elizabeth Line, which will bring an additional 60 million pedestrians to the area per year, the £150m investment into Oxford Street and surrounding areas, and significant public realm strategies which improve the experience of visitors to increase dwell time.[4]

4. Innovation and new concepts

The West End is the place for new concepts and embraces the changes to consumer demands. The area was designed for experimentation and world firsts, which has always attracted visitors from all over the world.

The West End sits within the heart of London, where cutting-edge expertise in tech and creative sectors innovate to create original sectors like fashtech, immersive, edtech and all things sustainable, including food technology and cleantech. As a city, London nurtures innovation to scale the next big things – and its customers are known early adopters.

5. The London West End brand

International brands come to the West End in London because of the huge opportunity to position their business on the global stage. London is one of the top consumer and retail hubs in the world and expanding here opens up new markets not just in the UK, but across the world.

See a snapshot of the brands in the West End

Use the filters in the map to discover the flagship brands and international businesses currently set up in London's West End.

Why expand now?

Historically, space in the West End has been in high demand and short supply.

Due to the global pandemic, many prime spaces have become available, presenting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for international brands to expand their presence to London’s West End and be a part of the innovative future of this iconic area.

There has never been a better time to consider your international expansion. Get in touch below for more information.

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