Why Invest in London? Europe’s number one business city

London offers your business the best chance of international success

Voted the world's most competitive city, London offers plenty of advantages for expanding international companies including leading talent and transport links, light-touch business regulation and huge business opportunities for growth. Join the world’s most successful companies in London.

1. World-class talent

London businesses have access to a diverse and talented workforce. Among more than 4m workers you’ll find 230 languages, tech specialists, 400,000 creatives and some of the world’s best professional services partners.

2. First choice for headquarters

Sitting at the nexus of European, Asian and US time zones, the business opportunities in London are extensive, attracting more European HQs than any other city.

Global capital: London office hours overlap with countries that collectively generate 99% of the world’s GDP

Low taxation: London offers one of Europe’s lowest tax regimes

3. Business friendly environment

London has many advantages which make it the easiest city in Europe in which to do business. Benefit from flexible employment law and low-cost legal structures, entrepreneurs’ visas and capital gains tax relief.

4. Access to customers

A London base gives you access to more than 8m Londoners. London is Europe’s most accessible city: use low-cost rail and air links to target global territories.

5. Investment and innovation

Business opportunities in London will help you to secure investment and develop new ideas in London by tapping into R&D tax credits, Patent Box and Enterprise Investment Schemes. Form innovative partnerships across all sectors by joining London’s converging clusters.

One of the strongest regions and cities on the planet is London. It’s highly attractive, and it offers one of the best prospects for business development and innovative thinking. London is the showcase for our work throughout Europe and is paramount in our global strategy.

Jeff Brennan, Vice President Marketing, Finsphere Corporation

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